Thanks for coming out to “Gender Justice + The Arts: An Asian American Showcase” at Bowery Poetry!


Thanks so much for coming out to “Gender Justice & The Arts: An Asian-American Showcase” at Bowery Poetry!

We’re still glowing from this incredible night of artistry and community building. On July 31st, more than 100 of you gathered with us at the beautiful Bowery Poetry Club on the Lower East Side for a spectacular night of storytelling, musical performance, poetry, and soul baring that explored the issues closest our hearts. Our diverse lineup of artists touched on everything from sexuality, queerness, gender expression, home, belonging, radical love, gender identity, resistance, and more. Yoni Ki Raat alum Shubha began the show with a performance about navigating womanhood and bodily autonomy. Bex Kwan shared spoken word and poetry that touched on themes of family, diaspora, and gender expression, followed by a music and storytelling performance from Riti Sachdeva, who walked and danced among the audience to the beautiful sounds of clarinet player Lee Odom. Poet Kai Williams shared new work that bit back at exoticized imagery of brown and Asian women that left our audience cheering. Nonbinary artist Shriya Samavai shared excerpts from their first chapbook — poems that explore gender identity, loss, religion, and dissociation. Queer performer Dee Mandiyan shared stories about navigating life and love as a genderqueer person, and our show was closed out by the beautiful sounds of jazz and R&B musician Ashni Dave, whose songwriting is influenced by her immigrant and South Asian identities. She even musically accompanied a gorgeous spoken word piece by her sister. Each of these artists brought magic to the stage, and we’re so thrilled to have been able to bring them together and share space with all of you, our community, at this show. Please support and follow these incredible artists of color: collaborate with them, buy their work, invite them to perform, and help uplift and empower their words and creations if you were moved by what you saw.



Join Sakhi for South Asian Women for “Gender Justice + The Arts: An Asian-American Showcase” this July 31st at Bowery Poetry Club! Featuring an incredible line up of poetry, spoken word, performance, and music, this event brings together a group of Asian American women, trans, and nonbinary artists whose work explores the intersections between creative expression, gender identity, and politics. Join us for what will surely be an unforgettable night of community building and thoughtful exploration of the many facets of what makes us who we are. Tickets are $20 online or at the door. See you at Bowery!

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Shuba Bala 
Shubha is an Indo-Canadian-New Yorker, and can be found complaining when it’s hot and when it’s cold. She’s an engineer, works in criminal justice reform, and is a creator of stories and arts & crafts. She founded Kalyani Magazine, has published prose, poetry and visual art in various magazines including Off the Coast and A Common Thread, has performed original work in the Vagina Monologues, Yoni Ki Raat 2016, Six Word Memoirs, and more, and is a Voices Of Our Nation (VONA) graphic novel alum. She co-directed Yoni Ki Raat 2017.

Bex Kwan 
Bex Kwan is a queer/trans chinese-singaporean multimedia artist who works in words, food, and performance. Their creative practice asks questions about family, faith, domestic labor, race, migration, and tenderness. Bex has been invited to present at theaters/galleries/ universities in Singapore and the US, including La MaMa and Brooklyn Arts Exchange, and was a part of EMERGENYC—the Hemispheric New York Emerging Performers Program. More at www.bexkwan.com

Riti Sachdeva 
Riti Sachdeva is a theatre maker, dancer, and cultural worker. She has been creating art in some shape, form, or rhythm for twenty five years, incorporating text, installation, and dance into her work. Born in India, she is deeply influenced by the vast land, history, mythology and people of her origins. Raised in the U.S., her work is marked by the social and political climate of the Americas.

Kai Williams 
Kai Williams is a fiction writer and spoken word poet based in New York City. Most recently, she received an Honorable Mention for her submission to the New York Times’ Modern Love college essay contest. She is a 2015 alumna of the National YoungArts Foundation, as a national finalist in writing. Her work has been published in The AmerAsia Journal, Pushing Past Limits: Young Writer’s Anthology published by VerbalEyze Press, For the Sonorous Magazine and Mask Magazine. She is also a founder and Executive Director of Eat At The Table Theatre Company, a non-profit theater arts organization for young actors of color.

Shriya Samavai 
Shriya Samavai is a photographer and poet of Indian descent living in New York City. She works to empower people of color and gender non-conforming people through her photographs and poems. She has written and photographed for publications including Vice, Rookie Mag, and The Huffington Post. In March 2017 she published her first chapbook ‘Somewhere Between Silver & Gold’, a collection of poetry on gender, religion, and dissociation. More atwww.shriyasamavai.com

Dee Mandiyan 
Born and bred in Jersey, Dee aspires to bring new levels of queerness to everyday life, with the help of both their lady love and feline life partner. Their passion lies in expanding models of gender, racial, and sexual identity and simultaneously promoting more complex narratives of those intersections. They are especially invested in complicating the literature on multiply-oppressed communities through detailed and comprehensive contextualization. Much of their time is spent advocating and agitating for racial and queer justice through literature, education and social media.

Ashni Dave 
Ashni is a singer, songwriter & living-room-dancer. She is inspired by how individuals learn to build relationships to the self, to others, and to communities. The trials and errors of pain’s preciptations: reactions, responses, and lessons in healing guide my work. When we are hurt, how do we respond? With anger? Anxiety? Compassion? How sweet is the joy in connection! With soulful melodies, powerful lyrics and rhythmic current, heavy with jazz and R&B influence, she gracefully envelops listeners in a reflective, cathartic dimension. She is currently teaching, creating and performing in New York City. Her performance credits include Rockwood Music Hall, Music Hall of Williamsburg, The Greene Space, Rough Trade, and more. Her music has been featured on Spotify’s Women of Jazz playlist, Bitch Media’s Podcast: Growing Up Immigrant, and the acclaimed, up-and-coming web series Brown Girls. More at www.ashnimusic.com.