Economic Empowerment Program

The Economic Empowerment Program seeks to provide financial stability and economic security to survivors of domestic violence from the South Asian Diaspora.  Sakhi recognized early on the close links between domestic violence and economic control as well as self-sufficiency and the ability to make choices that enable safety for women and their families.  Realizing the need for services aimed at improving survivors’ economic opportunities, Sakhi has provided skills-enhancement activities since the mid-1990s under the banner of the Economic Justice Project.  In 2001, our efforts were formalized under the Economic Empowerment Program. We currently provide case management, workshops and trainings, and scholarships to women so that they can access public benefits, jobs, credit, banking and other forms of support so that they can reach their goals of self-sufficiency and safety.

Swarna Chalasani Scholarship Fund

Through the Swarna Chalasani Scholarship Fund, which was established in 2002 in the memory of a beloved volunteer who passed away in the tragic 9/11, Sakhi advances the ability of survivors of violence to complete higher educational goals and supports them in obtaining the necessary licensing and vocational certificates in order to obtain and retain jobs. There are two cycles a year, with an average grant of $1,500 per survivor.  Survivors are able to apply as many times as they like.  Through our support, we have supported women through nursing school, college, masters programs and other programs that have enabled them to provide for themselves and their family.  Click here to read our 2011 Swarna Chalasani Economic Empowerment Fund Report.


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