Immigration and Civic Integration

Over 90% of the survivors that we work with are immigrants.  We work towards ensuring that they can reside in this country legally and reduce their isolation through promoting civic participation.  We provide information, services and advocacy to ensure that despite their immigration status, the women we work with have access to participation, resources and avenues to legal residency.

  • We offer monthly immigration legal clinics to assist women in immigration-related matters and assist them on the path to citizenship.
  • As an organization committed to creating strong and healthy communities, Sakhi has taken on a new project this year supporting undocumented South Asian youth in New York City. We are creating opportunities for young South Asian women to access President Obama’s executive order, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). To read about the experience of being an undocumented young person in the U.S., check out Sakhi staff member Caritas Doha’s Documenting Dreams Blog.
  • Voter registration drives and information: Sakhi participates in coalition efforts to increase voter registration among our constituents.
  • We participate in the Anti-Violence Advocates Against Deportation,” a subcommittee of the New York State Working Group Against Deportation.